Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The HONG KONG Watch Auction FOUR - Rolex and Patek Philippe

I was in Hong Kong last week when the Phillips watch auction took place in Hong Kong. There were many good and amazing watches from Rolex and Patek where I got to see many good timepieces with immaculate conditions. I am a vivid watch lover but only the Rolex Daytona and no other models. The Paul Newman Daytona has some charming, magical and appealing that made me want to buy more and more. It has that X factor that always cheer up my day whenever I look at the dial and the overall appearance of the watch. From the miniature details to the moment the watch is worn on your wrist, everything looks perfect as it maybe due to my small body frame.

The auction results was amazing. The 6263 panda cost near $700,000+ after buyers stamp duty and the 6241 due to it's poor condition was also worth about $176,000+ SGD. The other normal Daytonas also fetch high prices while the explorer II is slowing rising at the background with gradual price increment.  Meanwhile, I also saw the legendary 6263 gold Paul Newman which fetched a record high $3.722m CHF on my friend's wrist. For auctions results and watches, you can click the link below to read and find out more.




Overall, I enjoyed my time in Hong Kong relaxing while at the same time enjoying my passion in watches. Met many new friends and future partners to be. This had been a good trip and looking forward for more in future if time permits.

Ronald K - A Game Changer