Friday, 11 August 2017

MM2 Asia - Hitting First Target

MM2 Asia is slowly drifting towards my projected target price of 0.46-0.47 as posted on this blog last evening!

The stock, together with the overall bearish market condition is causing everything to slowly sell down. I am pleased that I was able to make this forward prediction last evening before we saw what happened today. Timing is an important skill in trading and investments. As of now, MM2 has met my first projected target at 0.46! Will it continue to reach towards 0.43?

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Update 11/8/2017, 11.20am

MM2 rebounded from my target price of 0.46 to now 0.475. The 0.46 was indeed a temporary stoppage zone for the buyers to support prices first. Watching the next point.

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