Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Rowsley - Collections

Since the last Rowsley bullish alert I posted on this blog, the stock had been fluctuating but nevertheless, it never triggered the cut loss or go below the last low of 0.101. In fact, it came back to life and traders, retailers had been buying it as observed in the 5 minute chart. Today the stock continue to show bullishness and I expect the stock to run soon. Watch it closely as the price is now 0.109 with collections.

Update: 11:44am, 23/8/2017

Rowsley just shot up to 0.115!!!!

Update 23/8/2017, 8:20pm

Towards closing, Rowsley shot up to 0.122 and reached a high of 0.123 where my account was up $50,000. This Rowsley alert was posted on this very blog when the price was 0.109!

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