Thursday, 17 August 2017

Rowsley - Coming Back to Life

Rowsley looks bullish at the moment and it might be coming back to life soon. The accumulation area for this stock is around 0.107-0.111. Prices have gone below the accumulation area recently and it's only more bullish for this stock to rise further. Currently it's at the strong hands of the BBs and it might be moving up anytime soon. Do expect some flushes first before the stock move higher. The short term might reach 0.112 first. Let's see..

Update: 17/8/2017, 4:05pm

Rowsley moved up to 0.107/0.108 and my 3 million shares is in the $$ now. :) The stock then moved further to 0.108/0.109! Congrats to all who entered when I posted!

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