Monday, 23 October 2017

Fu Yu - 64 Million Shares Married Deal

A huge 64 million shares of married deal was done in Fu Yu today at 0.18 and something is brewing in this counter. 64 million shares is almost 8% of the company worth $11 million and I believe after market today, we will know the buyer and sellers are.  I will be putting this counter in my watch list as something major is shifting and changing where from the Fu Yu chart, it looks like there is some growth for this company and the stock looks bullish. The buy in price is important but the timing to hop into this counter is equally crucial. I will decide after I see what's the news after market later.

Update: 23/10/2017, 3:00pm

Big bites spotted in Fu Yu where the price shot up to 0.215 high after my blog post! Some very big buyers just bought the shares after the powerful 1 lot markers. The markers were the signal for this powerful up move!

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