Monday, 16 October 2017

Hi-P - Instragram LIVE Alerts

As promised in my last blog post that I will post the next stock tips in my Instagram, indeed, yesterday over the weekend, after doing my long hours grueling homework, I decided to post the stock pick in my Instagram story where I shared Hi-P as a very bullish stock. Today the stock just shot up to a high of 1.745 with so much buyers! Click and see my previous post.

As you can see from morning till now, there is no stoppage from the bulls. The stock kept rising and the buyers kept taking at higher price. In a short time frame, the stock rose to from 1.705 all the way to 1.745 with healthy speed and volume which gives a 2.6% return in 10 minutes! That's so much better than putting in some stagnant stocks that don't move. I will be posting another stock soon so if you are interested, can add me to Instsgram on the link below.

Ronald K - A Game Changer