Saturday, 11 November 2017

A Close Interactive Session with Ronald K - Stock Picks and Tips

Conducted a very small group meeting yesterday for a close interactive session with Ronald K. It was a meet and ask session where I was sharing tips and outlooks for 2018. This year had been kind to me as the STI outperformed and many stocks performed exceptionally well like Hi-P, Falcon Energy, Rowsley and many others. Although the STI moved higher, the underlying stocks like comfort delgro, sph, singpost and many other blue chips just did not performed much where I cut some small losses here and there.

From now till the year end, I am positive in certain sectors like the construction, O&G and property market where I believe there should be more upside but timing is very important. In the coming weeks, I am also positive on the medical sector where I see stocks like healthway, raffles medical, sing medical will have some buying taking place. Other than that, I will need to assess the market situation to decide which other stocks are good for long.

It's my last few sessions before the year end. Looking forward to 2018 with more initiatives, new projects and new ideas launching soon. Thank you all. :)

Ronald K - A Game Changer