Friday, 10 November 2017

Falcon Energy - An Attack Team Whatsapp

Sent out a bullish Whatsapp alert on Falcon Energy this morning to my Attack Team. It was like the penny stocks season where a lot of stocks are trying to breakout. I saw Cosco, BlackGold, Falcon Energy, all were trying to grasp for fresh oxygen out of carbon dioxide. I saw Falcon Energy having a deep flush yesterday where a lot of retailers were throwing out the shares combined with some panic selling, I decided to give a bullish Whatsapp alert to my team to go long.

The stock moved very fast. In fact, it moved so fast that many big buyers were eating the shares and the volume piled up big time. It recorded 13.6% gain in less than 1 hour where I decided that the stock is going to have a sell down soon. Hence I decided to ask all to lock in $$ at 0.99-0.10 before the stock took a breather now. Here, I congrats those who took actions and I will now stop my Attack Team.

Ronald K - A Game Changer