Monday, 20 November 2017

Putian Comm - Poised for Further Upside

As I slowly shift my attention towards the Hong Kong market, earlier today during trading hours, I saw this hot Hong Kong stock called Putian Comm. The stock just went IPO 8 days back and today something peculiar happened. Today marked the first day the stock managed to break through the a first wave of selling zone which was a remarkable sign of strength. As it reached a second selling zone, that's where the stock hit a serious amount of supply where it jammed there and stop trending higher. In fact, in my personal opinion, there was also a flush down to kill the hype and followed by a slow amount of buying later. In the short to mid term, I am bullish on this counter and I think it's poised to further upside. Do note it's a IPO stock and hence it requires some time.

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