Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Razer - 1st Day Deep Sell Down

Razer debuted it's first day of trading yesterday and the stock was not sparred where the sellers quickly took advantage of it and sold the shares big time. From 5.49 high, the stock reached a low of 4.36 today. The swing was huge and the volatility was there for those who are interested in short term trading. I was studying the min chart and I saw that after a huge sell down, the stock went into some weak selling mode, there was also some form of collections before the stock broke out again to 4.61.

Soon after, more buyers joined the fun as the stock went higher to 4.69 with speed and healthy volume. The collections materialized into full breakout and it reached a high of 4.82 now where on the right hand side of the chart, it clearly indicates strong buying. I will be looking to explore the hong kong market as whatever I taught in my course, it's equally as useful here in trading the hong kong shares. Will be sharing more on trading hong kong shares later today. It's definitely a market worth exploring.

Ronald K - A Game Changer