Friday, 29 December 2017

OCBC - Last Short for 2017

It hasn't been a smooth ride in the market, especially when the market is ranging and nothing really has a trend or sustainable for any up/down move. During this period of uncertainty, the best employed strategy is to do short term trading to avoid any unnecessary buy and hold for long term investments. I am particularly happy with this student of mine who kept shorting OCBC only and make $$ out of it. OCBC is due for some selling but because the overall market is still moving up, hence, the stock moved up/down in a range which is quite difficult to predict the trend.

See the 5 minute chart, it's pretty tradeable for intraday and 1-2 days short term trades. There were range for scalping the up/downs movements and it's easy to make $ within short term if you know how to spot the movements before it happened. The year is ending and I am happy I am ending with a good note with bountiful more to come in 2018. Here, I wish everyone a happy 2018!

Ronald K - A Game Changer