Tuesday, 13 February 2018

MM2, Unusual Group - A Day with Ronald K

It was a busy day for me today as I conducted LIVE Trading earlier in the morning @ 9am first before I dismissed the class and work on my other matters. The market was vibrant in the morning but I decided that it's more for taking profits than go long. For those who went long yesterday on the banks based on my outlook, today is a good day to protect capital and lock in profits. For the whole market the market was unusually quiet without much stocks moving except the banks. Hence, I decided to dismiss the class and work on scanning some potential counters.

After I ended everything, I had a chat with 2 students and we decided to go for a quick coffee and discuss about what stocks to buy next since it's a bullish day. To be successful, one must work under high pressure and that's where I got one student to scan stocks and give me a stock that would at least have a chance of running. After several minutes of scanning, he gave me MM2 and I approved his stock picking skills. The MM2 chart has all the bullish setup I need and hence I decided to give my mirror team to trade this stock. Most of them got in at 0.465-0.47 and as of now it's 0.48. The chart has a nice collection setup and to add on spices, DBS gave a report on the target price of $0.75 which is a surplus for this counter. We decided to trade this counter and is now in the $$.

The next thing I checked was Unusual Group which is a sister company for MM2 and it's up 10% today which also gave a boost to MM2 price run today. All in all, it's a good day especially after LIVE Trading as the coffee session turned out to be a $$ making session. Here, I thank Jasper for sharing and picking out this stock for me. The day ended when I see everyone in the mirror team is in the $. Congrats all!

Ronald K - A Game Changer