Sunday, 11 March 2018

Vacation and Holiday - A Break Before Trading Again

I just came back from one my most enjoyable trip. It's to an island where internet is virtually non existent and no one can really reach me. Been trading for many months, seen many students who joined my mirror group made quite a handsome sum like the student who made $20,000 in creative really elevated my work and gave me more confidence in giving more stocks.

This trip really taught me many things but it's also a time to slow my pace down since I am a workaholic most of the time. I learnt that there are many things, once it's lost, it's forever gone and there is no way to make it up. Also, be the best version of yourself because everyone is different and don't be too harsh on yourself. There is no way I can please everyone and so I focus only on the people who wants to succeed and make it happen. Live life with an attitude and have a character than to be Mr Everybody.

The people there takes one step at a time and lead a slow pace life which is something I am looking forward everyday but due to the nature of my work, it can be quite challenging at times. There were many stocks that ran during my trip which I learnt to let go and not chase after them because there is no way that I could catch everything and hence focus only on the things you have control of.

Tomorrow is a Monday and so it's back to trading again. Did I miss some hot action this week? Yes I did but I did my home work and I am ready for tomorrow's market action. In the coming months, I am going to get so busy with my business starting next week and trading might be virtually non existent for me but well, should I see something good, I will feed some calls and alerts.

Ronald K - A Game Changer