Friday, 6 April 2018

Phillips Bacs & Russo - A Splendid Conversation

Yesterday evening was great as I got to spent some time with some vintage watch connoisseurs and collectors that I admired over the years. I only got to see them on the internet and books but never in real life and hence when I got the opportunity, I went on to ask and learn as much as I can. The watches that will be auctioned off in Geneva on May are mostly superb conditions, exceptional quality and important provenance. 

I spent my evening well to be able to know more about vintage watches and meeting my idols. Met up with some news faces and got to know some collectors during this cocktail session. I saw some watches that I really love and I am planning to bid on it while price is also a factor. But like what my friend told me, if the watch can speak to you and make you happy, just go for it. I think after working so hard, it's time to reward myself with a good watch. Looking forward for the auction.

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