Wednesday, 13 June 2018

IQiyi Inc - Supper Trading with Ronald K

It was a supper session last evening as after trading the Dow, we decided to go supper and have a good meal there. Everyone told me that they learnt something powerful on some knowledge trading the Dow and I thought might as well share with them something they have never witnessed before. So during supper last evening while everyone was enjoying their food, I scanned and found the same stock I traded the day before which was IQiyi and went short. After shorted, I alerted everyone on my entry price and soon after everyone followed me.

In like 9 minutes later, the price fluctuated and started to dip a little which I thought I would want to all it a day as I was a little tired and decided to lock in profits. Everyone did the same and supper was fully paid by the profits we made. It's day 2 of trading US stocks and I am loving the volume trick which I can see what institutional buyers/sellers were doing. It gave me an extra winning edge over traditional TA which you can see that everyone profited and happy on their profits. Congrats and I shall continue.

Ronald K - A Game Changer