Friday, 15 June 2018

IQiyi, Micron Tech - Profits From My Stocks Selection

Yesterday afternoon was a fine and good day as I did a seminar on Singapore stocks but focused more on the US stocks because the opportunities there were much abundant. I did some calculations and shared how US stocks were a better choice for better and faster returns compared to Singapore but also shared the risk involved and the downside on trading in the wrong direction. Cut losses must be fast and emotions must be tight.

After my sharing, I was very pleased to see records after records in the night time where most of my traders were trying very hard to make $. The outlook I shared during my coffee session days back and also the stocks which I gave during the sharing session yesterday all came true. Students longed IQiyi and some shorted Micro Tech and both went into the direction as predicted. Profits were made and everyone felt accomplished.

I studied the volume carefully for both counters and I can only say the high always goes higher and the lower can trend lower. Anything is possible in trading US stocks and one must have the appetite and hunger to finish a job. Although volume played a very important role in trading US Stocks, the modus operandi from the BBs in putting the stock up/down by using a simple basic chart is equally important in making forward prescient predictions.

Ronald K - A Game Changer