Saturday, 16 June 2018

LIVE Dinner Session with Ronald K - Trading US Stocks and Indicies

Had a dinner session earlier with my US traders group where we chit chat and watch the Dow Jones together. The Dow was difficult to trade today as the pre market was already down -200 points and the opening just rebounded so strongly and soon followed by another sell down. Although it's tough to take a trade but I did guide and shared some important rules on what to do to trade US stocks and indices. We waited for a long time but the signals were pretty mix and I decided to call it a day. Soon, I went for dinner and we started to trade again.

Finally the signal came after such a long time and the Dow had an opportunity to make some good $. I received more records on jobs done on Micron Tech and IQiyi again. The lot size is small but the returns were great. Like I said, I am going to build more of such traders for trading US stocks. Congrats everyone!

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