Friday, 13 July 2018

A Coffee Session with Ronald K - Trading and Scalping the Dow Jones

After my talk yesterday, I decided to go have dinner with a group of enthusiast traders who loves trading the Dow Jones and learn more trading tips from me. The night was still young and as we walked towards the coffee shop at 9:15pm, I saw some powerful signals in the Dow Jones where I gave an alert to everyone who went dinner with me. The outlook was sent out at 9:26pm and the Dow started at 9:30pm sharp. At opening, the Dow indeed went up a little and started to sell down like hot cakes where my before market outlook materialized!!

Those who traded based on my outlook mostly made $$. During the coffee session, I also shared my philosophy on how I view trading and also the tricks to make such accurate and timely prediction. Many of them learnt the knowledge I imparted and I look forward to more good trading ahead. Congrats on all who took actions and made $!

Ronald K - A Game Changer