My Seminars, Events and LIVE Trading

I have an unorthodox way of conducting my seminars and LIVE Trading to achieve maximum results and effect. I don't follow or imitate others' successful way of doing things, instead I create my own trend, own league and formulate my personal thoughts and ideas before execution. I see no competition from no one except myself.

Since I don't go search around how others create businesses or fight for competition, I have no clue if my way is the right way but when it's all set and done, I make my millions of $$ and that's what counts. Never follow, break free from convention and create my own path and future. To all my fellow and future students, your future is bright and I am excited for you to be part of the Ronald K Group. Thank you for stepping out of the crowd with me, get out of your comfort zone and get the job done in the most respectful manner. To come for my private events, seminars and LIVE Trading, you need to be qualify for it. If you are interested, do send me an email to