Me and My Students Trade Records

Over the years, I had coached thousands of students. I dare to say that if they constantly come for my private sharing sessions after my training program and ask me questions on their doubts, their skills would improve tremendously or maybe even better than mine. I am not so much of a narrow minded person and keep everything to myself, but more of altruistic in sharing and helping others to achieve a razor sharp like skill and knowledge.

The stock market is huge and no one can beat the market constantly and so why not make $ and profit together as a team? I had already attained and reached another level at this point of my life and so I want all my current and future students who are hungry and wants to succeed badly to come take actions on good trades to feel the power of winning $$. Below are some of my students' trade records and I will continue to add on more as we trade together. If you are interested to be my student, just send me an email to