My Holy Grail Timing Strategy

If I tell you I am the best at what I am doing, you may think I am boastful. But if I tell you that I am not good, you'll know I am lying. When I shared with everyone over these years who came for my previews and workshop that Contra Trading is simple and the only way to do it is to buy at the perfect timing before the Big Boys, everyone may think if it was possible or if I am talking nonsense. But I think my trade record over the years spoke volume for itself.

On Feb 2013, I made a 100% hit rate on Contel Corp zipping in and out 25-30 times without a single loss and within a month, I made $42,000 as attached above. On April 2015, I made a 99% hit rate on NOL, trading close to 6 million shares in total with a profit of $100,000 in just 5 Contra days. That was a testament of my fine stock picking skills, my guts, confidence, and will to win Big in the stock market. There were more of such big trades but these 2 were the most memorable to me.

After all these years, I am confident to say that I found the Holy Grail on timing the stock market with a stringent stock selection process. If I wasn't confident, I wouldn't have traded so big and posit my trade records here. I call this Contra Trading the poor man's strategy because one doesn't require a lot of $$ to make more $. All he needs is a sound strategy and plan combined with a simple yet superior skill that works effortlessly in all market, all time frames and that should do the trick.

If you are interested to know more of how I do Contra Trading or if you are interested to learn this poor man's strategy which is the Holy Grail for Singapore Stocks, you can email me at Trust me, if it's difficult, I wouldn't have done it at will. It's really that simple to get the job done.