Sunday, 16 September 2018

Micron Technology - Results on September 20

Ever since we last traded Micron Technology, I had always been bearish on this counter. In fact during my first discovery on this counter, we had been shorting it non stop due to it's bearish profit taking and distribution. The only thing we did not do was to hold the shorts till now or most of us would be rich. Click below to see my first 2 LIVE Trading short selling Micron with the US trading team.

Today Micro tanked more and lost more value with the price declining everyday. The buyers were pretty weak every time it rebounded and the sellers were consistent in their selling with big volume throw down. In the daily chart, there were horizontal lines drew as the resistance zone while in the minute chart, there were many gaps with profit taking at the moment. The earnings will be released this coming Thursday on September 20th which as of now, I could not predict if it's good or bad. However, I will be watching this counter from Tuesday and Wednesday to observe for more signals.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Thursday, 13 September 2018

AMD - $3000 in 1 Week

Just saw this email from my student where he made $3000 in 1 week on AMD. The stock was on the rise and more importantly, a good long trade was taken and profits was made. The chart had so many bullish setups where the smart money were moving the shares slowly until a gap up happened tonight. Some good news were released.

I think the point is how did smart money bought before the good news was released. Study the how the chart moved. There was not much profit taking. The volume was rising and sellers were retreating. The volume wave were uniform and suddenly the breakout happened. All these were signs of spotting before the breakout happens. I am looking forward to the next trade. Congrats!

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

DAX - Short Selling with Profits

The world wide market is tumbling and everything is spiraling down the hill. Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax and many other indices were crumbling with buyers letting the fall to happen. Something big is in the pipeline and something major is going to happen soon. A big move is coming and hence went to do some shorting first with profits. Made $1667, $205 but lost $840. So far so good and the chart was pretty simple and easy to read before the sell down happened. Good profits and I think it's easy to trade the indices now compared to Singapore stocks.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Friday, 7 September 2018

Stock Operation Course - Inaugural to Malaysia Market

I had been planning to enter the Malaysia market to teach for at least 4 years. It was a long planning process with calculated business decisions before I forayed into that country. It's giving back and going back to my roots where I want to help as many people as possible since I was born there. Last Wednesday, finally we made it and entered the Malaysia market and I was pleased with the results of my long term planning which turned into fruition.

I shared my journey of how I was very poor back then and how tough it was to work in Singapore before I start making my first million and continue my success moving forward. It was a lot of people but more importantly I was flabbergasted with the results I got where many of them signed for my course. I think it's because I could connect with them on an emotional level but I think the secret formula was I can show them something like Smart Money movements where it gave them a ray of hope to beat the market with my guidance. Soon, I will be taking more students because I will be in Malaysia again this month to sell my course. I love the country and my fellow country men because I know how tough it was to be successful in trading and business.

Here, I thank everyone for signing up my course. It was almost like all of them signed up and I have to open 2-3 classes there just for 1 preview session. I am thankful for the opportunities and looking forward to go there again soon.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Tilray Inc - Shorting Term Plummeting 12.20%

Tilray Inc, as predicted and highlighted on my blog earlier in the morning at 9:55am where I shared that in the short term the stock looked bearish because of profit taking that had took placed started to plummet down 12.20%. Click below link to read my earlier blog post.

The retailers were indeed trapped at the high price where the mad frenzy buying had caused some waves of greed to lure investors to think that the stock can trend higher to only now realized that the stock dropped so heavily. The waves of profit taking combined with sellers distributing were also pretty scary as whoever bought at the peak the past 2 days would be sleeping fitfully, thinking he's going to make $$ but to realized that it's time to cut loss. As posted earlier in the morning before the US market started, below was what I said.

"The 5 minute chart currently shows profit taking which I won't buy this stock at the moment where I would look to sell together with the big operator instead. The mad frenzy buy up has trapped some retailers chasing at the high and I will only look to unload now and book profits rather than buying. In the short term, the chart looks bearish to me. I won't be buying this stock.." 

US stock is not difficult to trade but rather easy when you can read the volume correctly on what smart money is trying to do. As of how I predicted this sell down, mostly is by reading the volume carefully before making my final judgement. I call for a short this morning, NOT yesterday, NOT Tuesday or last week when the stock was rising. Ponder about my timing and accuracy.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Tilray Inc - A 400% Return Stock

Tilray just a 400% return in the last 2 weeks as the stock continue it's strength to shoot up higher. I studied the chart with volume and from the daily chart, it's one of the most easiest stock to identify the smart money volume where the BBs were accumulating slowly in the narrow range and thereafter the big breakout happens. The volume setup in the chart was also nicely well planned BEFORE the breakout and hence I was able to monitor it during the course of it's run.

In fact, I shared Tilray Inc when I was in Malaysia doing a sharing session. Everyone who attended where amazed and dumbfounded how one good stock can give you that big return if you leverage it correctly. No job can pay you high salary unless you are holding a very high position but with using the right leverage instrument, you don't have to depend a job but rather a high income skill to give you a smooth channel like Tilray to give you high returns. The stock ran from $20-$80 in a short time span of 2 weeks which is an amazing return in a short period of time.

The 5 minute chart currently shows profit taking which I won't buy this stock at the moment where I would look to sell together with the big operator instead. The mad frenzy buy up has trapped some retailers chasing at the high and I will only look to unload now and book profits rather than buying. In the short term, the chart looks bearish to me. I won't be buying this stock but I had found another good counter which got higher potential of making good returns. What in superb run in Tilray!

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Friday, 31 August 2018

A Coffee Session with Ronald K - Singapore vs US Stocks

It was a good day yesterday afternoon as after my talk, we went for a small coffee where I shared more insights about the Singapore market and US stocks. The main difference between US and Singapore stocks is opportunities. US stocks has more opportunities and you can almost trade everyday while Singapore stocks are pretty selective. To make a lot of $$, US stocks is the way to go while Singapore market is currently in a tough mode. I met one of my student who came looking for me before Ronald K was born. He was such a nice person and after 7 years we are still trading together.

So to did him a favor where I gave him an outlook on the Dow and asked him to short it down last evening. He heeded my advice and went shorting it while the next thing I knew was the Dow closed -137 points last evening accordingly to what I predicted. The supply in Dow as mounting while the buyers where lacking in the Dow last evening when I gave him the outlook at 4pm. From 4pm to 9.45pm, the Dow indeed slowly retreat and gave way and the next moment I knew, the index tanked with sellers. It distributed for a while and towards midnight, the index tanked down again heavily and closed now. Congrats on your win. Let's have coffee session next time, it's on me!

Ronald K - A Game Changer