Saturday, 17 August 2019

Micron Tech - Fight to Recover with $2382 Profits

Another good win in Micron Tech from my student who added me in Instagram and reposted his profits in his IG story. The US market had been choppy lately but there were stocks like Micron and other semi conductor like Nvidia which looked strong for a rebound. In fact, when I studied Micron chart, there were so many signs of strength for entry and trading which could yield good profits if you know how to and hence if you can spot those areas BEFORE the run, it's would be beneficial to your trading and you can make the same profits too. My student made an earlier loss in Wall street and recovered back in Micron which was pretty impressive considering the fact that the profits exceeded far more than the losses. Congrats again!

Ron K - A Game Changer

Friday, 16 August 2019

Dow Jones - Profited $3000+ At Night

I had a long day doing work and watch market today. Today's Singapore market is tricky while I am not sure what's the direction was but the US market seemed so much easier. After work, I went to watch and played some basketball. During break time, I took a look at the Dow Jones chart and started shorting at the selling zone. The Dow jones came down and I made a super quick profits of $457 USD. It wasn't great because I planned to swing longer but it's good enough for me because I made $ during a basketball game.

Later on after I ended the game, I started watching the Dow Jones more closely and saw good signals for more shorting. Shorted another 20 contracts near supply zone and after 1.5 hours, the Dow suffered some selling but did not crash like yesterday. I wished it could have tanked lower but because it's near some demand zone, I decided to lock in $3000 and call it a day. Today's trading ws purely based on zones trading and not much on other strategies. I am not sure if I have the time to trade this month but looking forward for some time in September.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Dow Jones - 1 Day Crashed -800 Points

The Dow Jones just crashed -800 points. This time round it has nothing to do with Trump but because the Germany and China data wasn't looking good while Germany is pointing towards a recession, the market reacted strongly to it and started to suffer a major sell down. I don't read the news and I am not sure what's the full story but from the chart, there was strong bearish signals as drawn in supply zone lines and the circled areas of heavy distribution. Market doesn't like the strong distribution lines and hence once it touches there combined with a heavy supply zone, the market got sold down. Shorted 10 contracts chasing the market last evening which was something risky, still just when I thought the market was about to rebound, it tanked lower and lower till it touched a big hole.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

AMD - Small Profits $450, Great Confidence

Great profits from my student earlier today. I think by trying and doing one right thing a day, your experience and knowledge will increase and that's where confidence kicks in. I studied the 5 minute chart for AMD, it's one of the easier chart to trade since first I gave a whatsapp alert to watch out for the stock but more precisely, it's because the stock has certain traits which allowed for easy trading. See the circled areas of spikes and the supply/demand zone which I drew. It's lines of good entry points for trading. I believe if you follow those respected lines, your risk shall be low and your reward shall be high. Congrats and move on to your next trade!

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Friday, 9 August 2019

Trading US Market - A New Direction of Profits

I just completed a new video which I have not posted yet on how to trade USA Stocks effectively. The thing that drove me to do the video was because some of my Malaysian students are reaping profits in the US market lately which made me want to genuinely help them more to trade the US market effectively. Click on the link below to see how my student just keep reaping rewards from the US stock market.

I will post the video once the time is ready and it shall be on my Youtube channel so please watch it. It's really a good sharing in Malaysia these 2 days as I got to know some of them better while many of them told me that they made good profits in Malaysia stocks and some US stocks. It just tells me that I am doing the right thing and they are learning the strategies with utmost hunger. Because I can see many of them want to switch into the US, I am planning to do a series of sessions to help as many people as possible.

I just finished a trade in the Dow Jones, shorting 10 contracts at profit taking area near supply zone within a min plus or so, the index came down and I went on to lock in profits. Although it's scalping but very soon, I am looking to swing it. Please come see me soon and watch the video for updates. Thanks all for coming!

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Dow Jones - The Big Crash, -767 Points

The market had a super collapsed last evening where the Dow Jones tanked profusely where there was a huge exodus of buyers. Suddenly the market went stalled and everything just seemed bleak and not working. Shorted 10 contracts on my first trade and then 20 where again I locked in profits too fast because at that point of time when I studied the chart, it was really near demand zone which I was quite worried. Never did I expect the Dow Jones to crash -800 plus points then recovered a little. Worst still, in the morning, the futures that dipped lower with -300 points. The market just as of now looked really bad with the Chinese Yuan falling that intensified the trade war. It's time to embrace tough times.

Ronald K - A Game Changer

Friday, 2 August 2019

Dow Jones - What I did Before The New $300 Billion Tariff for China

Lost some money yesterday in DBS as the stock gap down in the morning and then recovered quickly back up where I decided to cut my loss. I posted in my IG Story that I want to recover my losses for DBS by trading the Dow. In the evening, I conducted a private event where I shared my cheat sheet and my secret formula for trading the Dow Jones. Thereafter, I quickly rush home, got myself clean and get ready for some hot action. The Dow Jones rose and I was patiently for the rise to hit the supply zone. Shorted 30 contracts and was under some early pressure but I knew I was shorting near supply zone so I shouldn't be so tense or worried.

I set a high stop loss and later when to bed but set an alarm to wake up at 2.20am just to see if I was going to be in profits or losses. To my wildest dreams, I saw $19,000 profits and immediately I checked the news to see what caused the big drop. Oh my, it was again the US-China trade war tariff that was in play again where Donald Trump tweeted out of the blue that he was going to impose 10% of $300 billion of tariffs to China goods by September 2019. That killed and crashed the market. After market, traders are trying to see if they were able to predict trump's tweet on time so that they could take advantage.

image source:

Click and see the news below.

Once again, the prediction to short before the news out was spot on as it was because it touched the supply zone on rising price which permits a bearish signal for shorting. It's not the news that drove the stock down but rather the rising prices where the retailers earlier during trading hours from 9.30am - 1130am were chasing after on a bull trend which caused the BBs to take profits on the rising prices and started short selling.

The Dow Jones from +300 points got slammed down badly to -280 points which was a very wild swing. Not only I covered my DBS losses but also made some extra surplus. Pleased to see some traders shorted at almost same level with me with only 2 contracts and made $1700+. Congrats!

Ronald K - A Game Changer