Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Ron K - My Private Tips Last Evening BEFORE Dow Crashed

Sent a private Whatsapp to Winfred and Brandon last evening BEFORE the market started at 9.30am to short the Dow Jones. I was so sure that it was going to tank and I wanted them to make the best $$ since the signals were pretty clear. I also posted in my private instagram for my other traders to take advantage of selling the Dow Jones since the answer was pretty clear and soon when market opened, the Dow Jones crashed with all the bad news and I saw many fearful traders just kept throwing and throwing. 

The people who received my Whatsapp and my Instagram tips started to make $$. Some traders traded some nights back when I conducted my mentoring session also made while losing some due to emotions. All the predictions I made and most of the stocks I gave in fact act according to the direction I want it to be and hence I received many trade records from my traders and students. I am very pleased and delighted to see so much profits and small losses when good actions were taken at the right timing. Continue the good work and like I always say, if I want you to make $$, I will call you personally. Thank you!

Ron K - A Game Changer

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Vintage Rolex - Rare, Fine Watches and Getting One Soon

Managed to finish and unloaded all my stocks and shares with profits and it's shopping time for watches. Visited some good shops and also saw some rare and fine timepieces which I think I will be adding to my collection soon. I am not in a shopping spree mode now as I have got a lot of watches but rather I want to find a watch that suits my character and have some warmth on my wrist. I want something that I feel happy when I wear it everyday and gives me confidence when I speak or trade. Hence, to find that watch is not difficult but it requires some patience and time. I tried on many pieces and I would look to buy one soon since I love old vintage watches which normally have some patina and some soul in it. Visited many shops and only managed to select 1-1 pieces which I liked, too many selections but very selective on the pieces. The prices for Vintage Rolex and Rolex in general has risen a lot and will continue to rise so it's only wise to invest in a time piece which I got feeling and penchant for. I am always on the hunt for the next piece.

Ron K - A Game Changer