Thursday, 5 December 2019

Impressive Rotational Trading - Student's Record

Super impressive win from my student. Everything I taught him and everything that I shared, he's there to execute and getting the job done. See the amount of stocks he traded, very small lots but the wins he got was impressive because he rotated different stocks that have potential to breakout/breakdown. For 3 years, he's been consistent and always trading even though he's holiday. I am very impressed and till today, I have yet to see someone like him. Congrats Mr Chan.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Trading Records - Rotational US STocks

Another good win from my traders, rotating many different US stocks and also Singapore stock. The Dow Jones broke all time high and many stocks followed. I am particularly impressed with these 2 traders of mine as they were consistently banking the market and choosing the right stocks. One said he visited my blog for ideas which helped him in his trading, but I think his actions spoke louder than words. Whatever it is, good trades, good profits and more important I can see you all are going to get there very soon!

Ron K - A Game Changer

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Micron, Kraft Heinz - Trading Skills to Profits

Impressive as it was another good win from my trader who traded Micron and Kraft Heinz. I studied the chart and it was all some good setups for a good trade. $960 for the weekend is definitely good profits and stocks selection is equally important. I remembered sharing this stock during my LIVE trading session 2 weeks ago and I believe most of them copied down the stocks I gave and shared. Profiting from it was another thing but taking action and getting the job done was the key. See the gap up in Micron last evening and see how Kraft got sold down. Those were wonderful signals for short term trading. Looking forward to the next record.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Dow Jones - Trading The Up Wave

I wouldn't say it's easy to trade the Dow Jones these days as the market moves down and then suddenly turned up. Some nights it would turned flat and the next morning the futures might even turned very red. Hence, I decided to trade it very short term within minutes since the Dow is all time high and hit a zone where the market is pretty indecisive on where is it moving. Made some good profits longing the Dow Jones tonight and last evening where it moved higher instead of turning. It wasn't easy because it moved so fast that I wasn't expecting it to move higher. I entered a long position after the Dow had 2 long bars up and started to hard some 3-4 red bars. Entered on those red bars and rode the way up until I see it was time to lock in profits. Finished the trade and looking forward to tomorrow.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Trading US Markets - Winning for The Week

Once again, profits after profits from my best Trader. Ever since I had adopted him in trading, he's been stellar and consistent in trading short term and making good profits in the US market. Earlier today he sent me his trade records and once again, as you can see from the screenshot, he profited from Roku, Apple, Dow Jones and DBS. I had never seen someone like him that is so determined and consistent who had been following and trading with me for about 3 years. I am sure everyone can do it and it's only time and persistence which will determine your success. Continue your good work and see you very soon!

Ron K - A Game Changer

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Roku - Selling Shares Before Earnings

Roku just released some bad earnings on Thursday Singapore time when the market opened. It was so bad that the stock dropped 22% when it started trading. As you can see from the 5 minute chart, the stock gap down and had some short covering before selling down further. My student shorted 30 shares 1 day before the result and made some good returns with $885 with just a small positions. The key thing was how did he shorted before the result?

Can you see the stock had a recent fall and then recovered very fast to the supply zone without a 3/4 bottom? It's like a V shape rebound with a lot of buyers thinking the stock was cheap when it dropped from $180 to $100 where they started to buy irrationally. Then at the peak, it gap up with a long bar and touched a very critical supply zone before starting to simmer off a little where earnings kicked in at the right place, right time where the stock reported bad earnings and it gap down again. That's a cycle that goes on and on in the stock market. Well, I just want to congrats my student who shorted before the earnings using the analysis and strategies I taught that enabled him to sell before earnings and made some good profits. :)

Ron K - A Game Changer

Friday, 8 November 2019

Fitibit - Buying Before The Good News

It's another win for this student of mine. Using the techniques and new found strategies I taught to long Fitbit before the good news where Google looks to buyout Fitbit. I student the daily chart and cannot see anything before the good news came but in the 5 minute chart, there were a lot of cues and clues for entry. The critique I did on this stock was that it was a penny stock but the moment cob took place, it's time to look out for long entry after seeing some reactions

The area circled are the keys towards knowing that a good news is in the pipeline. A better choice is to find a reaction point and then enter based on some ws. Congrats on your profits and it's such a gem to find this stock although it's not in my radar. Looking forward to see more profits from you.

Ron K - A Game Changer