Wednesday, 25 March 2020

StarBucks - My Game Plan Before Market Started

Another good day as the Dow Jones shot up +2112 points where many stocks rebounded and it was free $$ floating everywhere with any stocks you picked. So before the market started, I picked Starbucks to all my traders in my Instagram so that they can profit from it. True enough, all of them traded Starbucks while some traded Apple, Boeing and the Dow Jones itself. The chart has many super clear signals that the market would rebound and indeed, the Dow Jones and many stocks outperformed in this biggest gain in 1 day where the Dow Jones soared big time. Here, I congrats everyone who traded and made $$ out of it regardless big or small.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Uber - Buying Bottom and Then Average Up

Receive a trade from my US Trader last night. I studied his entry and it was perfect as he caught near the bottom and rode the stock up. Total one night, he profited $2779 which is extremely good profits and looking at the way he trades, he only got more upside and more profits. See the 5 minute chart for Uber, there was profit taking but the stock did not crash after that. It's signalling to you that it's strong and it might have higher price to come. So this trader bought his first tranche at the bottom and then average up again since the stock was strong and soon later, the stock moved higher and profits emerged. Congrats and looking forward to see more traders from you!

Ron K - A Game Changer

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Dow Jones - My Outlook Before Market Started

Gave a Dow Jones outlook earlier like 4 hours ago before market started and started to trade with the outlook carefully. Some of my students shorted at supply zone and traded some stocks while I traded the Dow Jones and made profit out of it. Starbucks, Apple, Square were all the stocks that were selected for trading today and profits were made. Super good as the chart has all the trading signals for entry and exits.

I am also extremely pleased to see my student using my outlook to profit from Uber. All in all, it was a good day trading with great signals from the Dow Jones and individual stocks. Looking forward to the next trading session in Instagram.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Friday, 20 March 2020

Uber - Ample Liquidity to Weather The Storm

Received many trade records last evening as the market had a good up swing with many stocks turning up. Uber was one of the hottest stock and one of my trader just made like a handsome $2100+ as the company announced that they have ample cash to fight the coronavirus crisis. This caused the share price to jerk up 38% in 1 day where profits escalated and confidence built. There are other trades from occidental petrol and also dow jones where I see a lot of confidence and profits made since the market gave so much volatility to make $$. Congrats to all who made it and looking forward to see more soon.

Ron K - A Game Changer

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Western Digital - Trading The Volatile Wave

Another bulk of trades done lat evening where some of my traders were virtually making $$ at will due on this volatile wave up/down. Apple, AMD and Western Digital were all showing some serious scalping signals which warrants a buy for intraday. Study all 3 charts, they all looked similar with a trading range and then trying to burst but did not while hovering in a range. As for the Dow Jones, it was the same as the stock tried to move initially, and suddenly there was a burst of strength where the Dow shot up to +1000 points and then very quickly, it touched the supply zone with very fast selling from +1000 to +174 where it dropped almost -900 points in a like 40 mins. It's during these volatile movements that allows profits to be made fast. Congrats to all who took actions and made $$. It's very possible to make thousands of $$ per night!

Ron K - A Game Changer

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Oracle - Buying and Making $4000 Profits

I received many trade records from my students. Some traded Oracle, others traded zoom video and dax while some traded AMD. All were in the profits when there is big swings in the market. I see all my traders were working very hard and scalping and to be able to make this profits, they were focused and having a skill is equally important too. In fact, all stocks rebounded yesterday first and then slowly simmer off and towards the end of day, all got slammed down. Luckily during this volatile market, they locked in profits first instead of holding too long. Congrats all!

Ron K - A Game Changer